Howard Maple’s Biography


Behind the stage name Howard Maple we find the man Håvard Abusland from southern Norway. He was very fond of music already as a young boy. It turned out that he had talent for more than guitar. After some years as a member of Evje rock club as active guitarist, Håvard developed great interest in synths. He acquired a Roland Juno 106 and Korg Polysix. He would start making the music he liked best.

His soul has since belonged to the world of electronic music. MIDI and sampling evolved quickly to very useful tools, tools that he needed to create his own musical expression.

His first release «Inside» got very good reviews and Howard Maple was with this album nominated for The Norwegian Grammy Award in the class «electronica». 3 years later came the album «Mapelism» that differed from his debut with its more up-tempo mix of dub, hip hop, jazz, pop and drum’n’bass. On the album «Mapelism» there are many guest vocalists like Salvador from Dark Side Of The Force and Anja Eye Vister from Flunk.

In 2013 came the album «0313 Perspectives», an album that sums Håvard works over 10 years. This album covers a wide range of styles. Here we find up-tempo and chillout electronica where strings, piano and bird sounds creates beautiful landscapes in the head of the listener, and where male and female voices occasionally breaks in with fragments of small stories.

His latest album «The Lucid Dreamer» will be released the 6th of December 2015.

Howard Maple’s discography